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Hobby & Leisure Courses & Workshops

Continuing & Professional Education coordinates all the community education hobby & leisure classes at Richland Community College. We invite you to explore areas of interest that may help enrich your personal or professional development. We make every effort to offer an assortment of subject areas that will have a broad appeal. Community members are welcome to make suggestions for new class ideas by calling the CPED office at (217) 875-7211, ext. 6265.

Whether students want to learn a new skill, investigate a new hobby, begin a new lifestyle or fulfill a dream, our classes provide opportunities to everyone – tots through senior citizens. Opportunities include computer training, sign language, dance, digital photography, wine tasting, pottery and many other hobby and leisure activities.

The non-credit schedule is available at

Since our non-credit schedule varies from semester to semester, you will want to check the non-credit course schedule for information on offerings for the current semester.

Contact Information

Barb Mosier
(217) 875-7211, ext. 6170