Student Produce Market

Campus Closing Before the Beginning of a School Day


____ Maintenance alerts VP of Finance and Administration or Alternate of hazard.

____ VP of Finance and Administration in consultation with the other Vice Presidents makes recommendation to the President.

Date: ____ /____ / ____ Time: ___:___ a.m./p.m.

Reason: ____________________________________________________

____ VP of Finance and Administration alerts Executive Director of Public Information / Chief of Staff, and the Director of Human Resources.

____ Each Vice President notifies his/her staff, if necessary.

____ VP of Student and Academic Services will notify Decatur Transit.

____ Executive Director of Public Information/Chief of Staff notifies Media

____ Changes College greeting on phone system

____ Director of Operations and Technical Services arranges for "closed" message on outside electronic signs and has information posted on web page.

____ Dean of Teaching and Learning Support Services contacts Child Care Center and Early Childhood Education Center Staff as required.

____ Dean of Enrollment Services contacts the Clinton Center staff as required, plus any outlying locations which may be holding classes.

____ Dean of Continuing and Professional Education contacts Richland Fairview Park Plaza Center and Fitness Center personnel as required. Coordinates any scheduled events / classes at the Shilling Center and relays to the VP of Finance and Administration plus the Director of Operations and Technical Services any requirements to continue these functions.

____ Security posts notices on doors about campus closing.

____ Visitors expected on campus for meetings and other scheduled activities will be notified by the appropriate staff member(s).

Signature: _______________________________

Date: ___ / ___ / ___

Submit copy of completed form to VP of Finance and Administration.

Last Revised: October 22, 2009