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Career Planning

A three credit hour career development class is offered each semester. During the semester students are guided through an intensive career assessment process and are encouraged to explore careers in depth. Job search skills are also taught.

CDEV 112 - Career Planning and Development [3-0-3]
Michael G. Diggs, M.S.A., Instructor
Kathryn I. Mast, M.A., Instructor

Provides the student with a presentation of career development and career decision-making as a lifelong process and an introduction and discussion of the relationship of individuals to the world of work. Students will practice their approach to decision-making in personal, academic, and career planning. Students will explore values, skills, interests, and abilities as they relate to the world of work. Job search techniques, résumé development, cover letters, and interviewing skills will be developed as a part of the course. (Students may not receive credit for C. Dev. 112 and P. Dev. 109, 110, and/or 111.) Applicable toward graduation where program structure permits:

  • Certificate or Degree - All Certificates and All Degrees
  • Group Requirement - Not Applicable
  • Area of Concentration - Not Applicable