Student Senate

Student Senate

The purpose of the Student Senate is to represent the students of Richland Community College through effective communications by promoting unity and fellowship with all members of the College community. The Student Senate strives to represent and interpret student opinion as related to the information on campus policy and to distribute the academic fees to provide a variety of educational and social opportunities for students.

The Student Senate is comprised of a 12 member board and the Student Trustee. Members of the Senate serve with faculty and administrators on designated committees to represent the students' point of view. These committees include Richland’s Academic Standards Committee, Policy & Communications Committee and the Judicial/Academic Review Board. In addition, Student Senate members attend leadership conferences and advocacy events for community college students.

To find out more about Student Senate, contact Marci Rockey, Director of Student Engagement, at, 217.875.7211 ext. 305 or visit the Campus Life office in C133.


Student Senate Members

Student Trustee

  • Corey Green

Student Senators

  • Abby Causey, President
  • Drew Powell, Vice-President
  • Jessica Brinegar
  • Lacey Drury
  • Rayce Frey
  • Hunter Hill
  • Blair Hocking
  • Alizabeth Howard
  • Jordan Klein

Contact Information

Campus Life, Office C138