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Mobile Biofuels Laboratory

Richland Community College’s new Mobile Biofuels Laboratory is much more than just a place where biodiesel is made. As a mobile processor, it can travel to events, schools, and workshops anywhere. It can be used at events as a working processor display and can be integrated with fun games and information for children and adults.

At primary and secondary level schools, the Laboratory provides a knowledge of how humans affect the environment and hopes to foster a respect for it. The Lab is accessible and informative, and in addition to being used as an interactive learning module, it allows for questions to be tested in the field.

The trainer consists of three portable training units, consisting of ethanol, biodiesel, and liquid-liquid extraction, that are fitted inside the trailer. In addition to water and waste water connections, the trainer is equipped to be self-powered (biodiesel generator) or connected into conventional building systems. The trainer comes hardwired to accommodate both low voltage requirements for on-board computer and audio/video systems, as well as high voltage requirements for process lighting, heating and cooling, temperature, and safety requirements.

Funding for this unit was received through Congressmen Phil Hare and Tim Johnson in the federal fiscal year 2009 budget, and administered through the U.S. Department of Education.

Richland is proud to showcase this unique “biofuels classroom on wheels,” and welcomes all opportunities to educate interested parties about the potential green careers in biofuels and its positive effects on our Earth.

Photo: Interior of the Mobile Biofuels TrailerPhoto: An interior shot of the Mobile Biofuels TrailerPhoto: An interior shot of the Mobile Biofuels Trailer